As tackled in the What is Diabetes section, diabetes happens due to inability of the body to produce enough insulin or when the body does not respond well to its own insulin. With this, people with Diabetes will eventually need and benefit from taking insulin.

The need for insulin can depend on:

  • How long you have had diabetes
  • How high your average blood sugar level is
  • What other medicines you take
  • Your overall health

Insulin therapy may be initiated at any phase of diabetes. Patients with diabetes can also be initiated even if they are newly diagnosed depending on how high the blood sugar is. Please refer to “Insulin is our Friend Brochure” to know more about Insulin.

The insulin you inject works like your body’s own insulin. It lowers blood sugar by helping sugar move from the blood into your cells.

Insulin cannot be taken as a tablet. This is because the acid in your stomach would break it down during digestion, just like the protein in food. So, insulin is usually injected for body to be able to use it.

Insulin has three (3) characteristics:

Each type of insulin helps manage your blood sugar levels. Insulin therapy is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Each person’s insulin need is different. Some people with type 2 diabetes may use two different types of insulin. One’s insulin needs may change over time.

Type of insulin

Normally, we have two (2) kinds of insulin that is being released by our pancreas. Our pancreas produces two (2) kind of insulin:

  1. Prandial insulin – this insulin is being produces after we eat
  2. Basal insulin – this insulin is being released all throughout the day

Type of insulin Preparation

Starting insulin treatment

Each type of insulin helps manage blood sugar. But no one type is right for everyone. Each person’s insulin need is different. And each person’s insulin need may change over time. Your doctor will prescribe the insulin that will suit your need and your lifestyle.